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Heritage Planning

Helping you keep the promises you have made to yourself

When CTA was founded in 1982, our firm’s focus was “on the money.” As time progressed, we encountered examples of money affecting those we loved, and those we worked with in some very unexpected and unpleasant ways.

During 1996 it became clear that someone’s legacy is defined by what they value, not by the valuables they have amassed. It is the values, work ethic, traditions, faith, hopes and dreams that contributed to the creation of someone’s financial wellbeing that matter above and beyond the assets they have accumulated.

The question we kept coming back to was centuries old: Why do only 10% of families succeed in keeping their family unity and wealth together for multiple generations?*

One of the largest studies of its kind was conducted over a 25-year period, involving 3,250 families who failed at preserving their family businesses, their wealth and their family unity. They were asked: “What caused you to fail?”


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*source: The Benefits fo Heritage Design for Families by The Heritage Institute