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A Personal Note from Cam - Dated March 25, 2020

A Personal Note from Cam - Dated March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

A Personal Note from Cam
Please Share This with Your Family and Friends

 I am grateful for the response my March 16th Note received. Your text messages, emails, and words of gratitude are very much appreciated by our entire team.

In recent weeks we have all been inundated with information and analysis. But that information can be a double-edged sword. I have seen firsthand the ways the Internet and our news media can spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.

I think the reality of our situation is pretty simple. For over a decade, starting with the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, we experienced a historic bull run in our financial markets. It was inevitable given this historic run that we would eventually experience a correction.

When the coronavirus was unleashed in the early weeks of this year and began to spread around the world, it created something of a perfect storm.

In a matter of weeks, a big chunk of the gains of the past few years took a hit. As governments around the world scrambled to get things back under control, here in America our dysfunctional politicians worked toward a stimulus package that would help relaunch growth. President Trump announced his hope that America could be “reopened” at some point in mid-April, and congress finally came to an agreement on the stimulus package. The markets, over the past couple of days, have responded very positively to these developments.

There is no way to know for certain where the markets are headed, but I would never bet against the grit and ingenuity of American companies. This pandemic has brought great new challenges, and also opportunities. Our economy will continue to evolve, and it is possible that we will look back on this experience at some point down the line and recognize that this was a turning point in the development of new industries.

You Are Our Focus

In all of our conversations with you, both Trevor and I always attempt to separate POLITICS from ECONOMICS.

During the past week both Trevor and I, as our work hours have expanded, have made a conscious decision to reduce or almost completely eliminate watching television “news programs” when we get 

home. Candidly, we don’t have the mental energy or the inclination to listen to the generic poisonous statements so many have made.

Rather, we prefer to stay focused on you.

We know you, and we understand your life goals and objectives. You and your family have been and continue to be our professional focus. We feel we know you better than any “talking head,” and based on this understanding, we can and will continue to make what we believe are appropriate recommendations to help you stay the course or make adjustments as necessary based on your personal circumstances.

Moving Forward

During the past seven to ten days, the CTA Team has been doing our best to stay balanced and adjust as we move forward, together, through these challenges.

Trevor shared last Friday that he was inspired and so he picked up his bible and just opened it up.... the page he opened it to was Psalms 91.

Jim reached out to share his opinions with the President, his Senators, and also his House Representative. Tammy increased her outreach to her neighbors, especially her elderly neighbors, by offering to help shop or run errands for them.

Last Friday I once again tinkered around my house as I typically do in the morning, and then came in to the office in casual clothes to work for the day. Friday evening, Jane and I had a “stay-at-home date” with food that she ordered and I picked up on my drive home from one of our local restaurants we enjoy.

I’ve also focused on the importance of maintaining my religious and spiritual connection. This past Sunday, Jane and I watched and participated from the comfort of our family room couch our first ever “virtual mass” conducted by our parish pastor. It was a very new experience, and a little unusual, but beautiful to behold.

My point is, throughout this difficult time, we have all had the chance to focus on what matters most. We are trying to take this opportunity to continue to grow as people, and to love those around us. Maybe that is a positive takeaway out of the stress of dealing with this pandemic—maybe we can all continue to emphasize the importance of reading and learning, bonding anew with our loved ones, and building even better communication.

Sometimes it is easy to see negatives, easy to feel fearful. It is harder, but so much rewarding, to focus on the positive.

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We will continue to stay in touch with you. Should you have any questions or just need to talk, please call our office at (818) 841-1746. Our entire team is available for you at this time.

Yours truly,



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